Products to help small businesses digitally transition and stand on their own two feet.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response (call handling).

ChatBot - Powered by IBM Watson (customer friendly FAQ’s, etc.)

Wallet - Powered by Stripe (Secure business wallet)

Social Fan Media - P/B Firebase (Closely connecting celebs & fans)

Form Builder - P/B Google Cloud & Laravel (forms/quiz builder)

Live Video - P/B Google Cloud & Laravel (Simply connecting business)

These are just some of the big brand products we use to help digitally transition your business.

If you require a bespoke solution or just want little more information about something you might be thinking about, please submit an “enquiry request” and we will quickly come back to you

Interactive Voice Response

Powered by Twilio & Laravel we have built our first product that can empower small business to reach their customer faster through customer care.

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Chat bot

Powered by IBM Watson and React this product can be plugged to any native app or cross platform app using React.

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chat bot


Powered by Stripe and Laravel this product is a beast in itself where you can have your wallet, everything is secured in REST and Transit.

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wallet, e-wallet, e wallet

Social Fan Media

Powered by Firebase this product helps the celebrities to get connected to their fan more closely.

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social, fan app

Form builder

Powered by Google Cloud Platform + Laravel this product can be integrated to any native or cross platform app to built their own questioner or quiz.

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form builder, quiz

Live Video

Powered by Twilio Video & Node JS this product leverage audience to connect to each other using Video capability.

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video conferencing

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