Noir Technologies is passionate about helping small businesses go digital.

There’s much talk about artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning etc.. We believe all businesses should be assessing operations to ensure competitors don’t get a digital advantage over them or they may find they’ve been left behind.

Knowing the net benefits and cost to digitally transition your business is essential before committing to a new digital direction.

Noir Technologies offers small businesses 1 hour free consultation to assess the feasibility of going digital and what it might cost.

What we do

Consultancy: Noir Technologies believes its essential to innovate, plan and design before moving to the build stage. Our objective is to listen, log, learn, this ensures client requirements are fully understood before creating outline designs, system architecture and a timeline for delivery of the finished project.

Once the consultancy stage has been signed off, Noir Technologies recommends clients invite other development agencies to quote for their project using the signed off consultancy brief.

Submitting a signed off brief to other agencies helps ensure the project is competitively priced, especially as all quotes will now be based on what the client actually wants, rather than what other agencies might think they need.

As quotes come in clients are better positioned to make an informed decision when choosing the best agency to assign their project to.

Please feel free to explore more of what we do below and see how we can help digitally transition your business.


Peter Schive

CEO / Founder

Vishal Nair


Makrand Shetty

Full stack developer

Kajal Kaur


We are out of the starting blocks!

Before we started

Pioneering disruptors go on to disrupt disruptive markets

My name is Peter Schive, in 2009 I arguably invented one of the first taxi apps in the world. I pitched my idea to a business man then spent 2 months technically mapping out the system and designs. This ensured everything first worked on paper, which gave my new found business partner the confidence to invest in me and my invention.

In 2010 cab:app Ltd was formed and I became a Director and significant ‘equal' shareholder in the newly formed business.

On the 29th September 2016, I resigned as a Director and sold my shares to my ex-business partner. In the 6 plus years I was with cab:app Ltd, I was instrumental in building the driver base across the UK and Ireland to over 11,000 drivers.

Cab:app Ltd is still in business today (now called Paysme Ltd), you can visit their website at the following address

Our Start

Born out of necessity when trying to find a development agency to build a new taxi app to disrupt existing taxi app markets, is when I first identified the need for a development agency that could build affordable quality apps/software, which in turn would help fledgling businesses like NoirTaxi get off the ground and also help digitally transition other small businesses.

Noir Technologies was formed and it went on to built NoirTaxi. Building NoirTaxi helped Noir Technologies prove its ability to bring a technically challenging product to the market "on time and on budget".

NoirTaxi currently operates in London and can be used to pre-book fixed priced black cabs at affordable prices (no meter) to and from London’s airports.

To use NoirTaxi services, please click on this link and enter NOIRTAXI as your first ride discount code and you will receive even more money off the listed fixed price fare.

The early days

NoirTaxi is Noir Technologies first customer. This helped Noir Technologies cut its teeth on a number of fronts as the business used its new consultancy strategy to innovate, plan, design, build, integrate and control quality throughout the build.

Once built, Noir Technologies Team analysed data to help identify any issues, which were quickly rectified as and when they arose.

NoirTaxi now has a support and maintenance contract with Noir Technologies, this ensures its technology remains updated and guarantees uninterrupted service for the its customers.

We are growing

Our vision is to build affordable technology for fledgling businesses and also introduce transitioning digital technology to small companies. Helping start-up businesses get off the ground and small companies digitally transition will produce LOW CHURN, HIGH RETURN users.

Acquiring low churn high return users does mean putting a bit more effort in the beginning, but as the long term return on this investment should produce low churn high return users, the additional investment will be more than justified.


We are excited to announce Noir Technologies recently signed contracts to build a bespoke system for Black Taxi Rentals Ltd (BTRL). BTRL have over 250 licensed black taxis which they rent back to London's famous black cab drivers.

BTRL set new unrivalled standards in the taxi rental market and are now introducing digital technology to help streamline and improve amenities for both drivers and internal operations.

Peter Schive

CEO at Noir Technologies

Noir Technologies believes there is a large untapped market of small businesses ready for digital transitioning (like BTRL), and even more fledgling start-ups like NoirTaxi just waiting to take off.

Offering small businesses and start-ups free consultancy along side affordable technology allows them to explore the possibility of going digital or taking the next step without fear of incurring initial costs.

If they decide to invest a little money to create detailed outline designs, system architecture and a timeline for their project, this specification can be used to obtain quotes from other development agencies.

Doing this ensures all quotes received will be based on what they want, rather than what other agencies might guide them towards or try to sell them.

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