Good design and system architecture creates powerful products

Early stage consultancy is fundamental for any project, especially when deadlines and budgets are tight.

Knowing what's technically required, how that looks, the cost involved and how much time is needed (from design to delivery) are essential factors, as this forms the starting foundation for any well planned project.

Noir Technologies architectural consultancy service ensures your project has a solid starting foundation, the rest should be plain sailing!

A development agency powered by the latest technology and services created by big brand names, which Noir Technologies utilises when building bespoke solutions, learn how:

What we do

Consultancy: Noir Technologies believes it is essential to innovate, plan and design before moving to the build stage. Our objective is to listen, log, learn, this ensures the clients requirements are fully understood before creating outline designs, system architecture and a timeline for delivery of the finished project.

Once the consultancy stage has been signed off, Noir Technologies recommends clients invite other development agencies to quote for their project using the signed off consultancy brief.

Submitting a signed off brief to other agencies helps ensure the project is competitively priced, especially as all quotes will now be based on what the client actually wants, rather than what other agencies might think they need.

As quotes come in clients will be better positioned to make an informed decision when choosing the best agency to award their project to.

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